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Innovative Biochemistry Lab

We focus on research and development of new processes and products from fungi and microfungi. We dispose over different species and sorts of equipment we can put to use to find the perfect solution or product according to your needs.

Image by NOAA
Image by Terry Vlisidis
Loading Grain into Mixer

Mycoprotein suitable for food and feed

Protein from fungal sources, or mycoprotein as we call it, can be used as nutritious substitute for existing meat-, soy based- or pea based food and feed products. It is not only more sustainable, but can also be implemented in various ways using minimal processing.

Biochemical building blocks

We explore the endless possibilities of (micro-)Fungi in producing special building blocks that can be used as new or replacement products in several industries.

Valorization of your side streams

Where others may see waste, we see an opportunity. Get in touch with us and we will search the best valorization possibility for your waste stream.

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